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4 December 13, 2016

Articles and Statements

1. Kent R. Crawford, Nicholas W. Mitiukov
Spanish Naval Artillery on 1890–1900

International Naval Journal, 2016, Vol.(12), Is. 4, pp. 211-318.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2016.12.211CrossRef

Spanish naval artillery in the late XIX cen. had features such as artillery great maritime states and the countries of the second world. On the one hand, in Spain, developed and put into service the original artillery systems of national development, on the other - export versions of the world's leading manufacturers. And often when applying for a variety of weapons could be made is not in favor of cheaper and more advanced foreign models. But we should not downplay the role of Span-ish designers: often implements its development could outpace similar foreign solutions. All this predetermined the extraordinary diverse nature and diversity of nomenclature, both the guns and ammunition. The proposed work – is the first attempt to bring together a variety of eclectic details, often contradict each other, the Spanish artillery of the period.

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