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4 December 27, 2015

1. Nicholas W. Mitiukov
The First Dannish Ironships

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (8), Is. 4, pp. 170-186.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.8.170CrossRef

The article considers the history of the development of the first Danish battleships from armored schooners "Absalon" and "Esbern Snare" to the battleship "Odene". The article analyzes the main patterns of occurrence of different types of ships, the history of their operational use.

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2. Yuri F. Katorin
Exception to the Rule

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (8), Is. 4, pp. 187-198.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.8.187CrossRef

In the article it is told about one of the episodes World War II (1939 – 1945) – the loss of aircraft carrier HMS "Glorious" in combat with the German battleships "Scharnhorst" and "Gneisenau", the picture of battle is restored, the effective forces and loss of sides are analyzed. There are investigated the reasons, which caused message in the sea of German squadron, and also the actions of English fleet for the evacuation of their troops from Norway. The version of the reasons for sinking English warship speaks out. There are analyzed the errors of the British Admirality and commander of aircraft carrier HMS "Glorias".

URL: http://ejournal37.com/journals_n/1451236717.pdf
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3. Alexander F. Mitrofanov
Memel's Batteries

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (8), Is. 4, pp. 199-232.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.8.199CrossRef

The article describes the history and equipment of the coastal and antiaircraft artillery batteries of German Navy (Kriegsmarine) constructed in Memel area before and during the World War. There is given the brief description of the Soviet Navy stationed in the area in the postwar years.

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