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1 March 27, 2015

Column by chief editor

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 1, pp. 4-6.
URL: http://ejournal37.com/journals_n/1436114147.pdf
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2. Zvonimir Freivogel
Turreted ironclads "Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf" and "Kronprinzessin Stefanie"

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 1, pp. 7-13.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.5.7CrossRef

This work gives a describing of construction and a history of service of the first Austro-Hungarian turret ironclads "Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf" and "Kronprinzessin Stefanie".

URL: http://ejournal37.com/journals_n/1436114249.pdf
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3. Yuri F. Katorin
Aircraft Carriers on the Rivers

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 1, pp. 14-22.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.5.14CrossRef

The article tells about the history activities, construction and development of the aircraft carriers on rivers in Russia and USA. The author notes that river carrier rightly belongs to the paradoxes of shipbuilding. For example, such as exotic the history of world shipbuilding, neither before, nor after did not know the American ships very puzzled Japanese intelligence agencies.

URL: http://ejournal37.com/journals_n/1436114299.pdf
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4. Jesús María Medel Soteras
"Cruseros" of "Compañía Arrendataria de Tabacos"

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 1, pp. 23-34.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.5.23CrossRef

C-class patrol boat (Cruceros) for three decades carried most of the load on the protection of Spain from the contraband, and during the Civil War, 1936-39 its took part in the fighting. Meanwhile, this type of boat in the literature is very little information. In this article, based on the documentation Compañía Arrendataria de Tabacos and some publications the author makes an attempt to reconstruction of the main milestones in the service of these vessels.

URL: http://ejournal37.com/journals_n/1436114375.pdf
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5. Alfredo Aguilera, Tadeusz Klimczyk, Miguel Lopez, Guillermo Montenegro, Hans Reichenberg
Cruisers "Canarias" and "Baleares"

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 1, pp. 35-46.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.5.35CrossRef

The presented materials are a compilation of translations of foreign periodicals issues about the cruisers "Canarias" and "Baleares", the most powerful ship of the Spanish Navy during the Civil War. The attention is paid to the weapons and the military history of these ships.

URL: http://ejournal37.com/journals_n/1436114552.pdf
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6. Andrey I. Kharuk
The Participation of Ukrainian Companies in Building the Mechanisms for Naval Aviation

International Naval Journal, 2015, Vol. (5), Is. 1, pp. 47-52.
DOI: 10.13187/inj.2015.5.47CrossRef

The main program for the development and production of equipment for naval aviation, carried out in Ukraine in 1910 - 1980. The author comes to the conclusion that naval aviation has never been a priority area for the Ukrainian aviation industry. However, throughout its history, the aircrafts intended for naval aviation, developed and in some cases introduced into serial production.

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