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Issued from 2013.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]First Soviet Sea-Launched Ballistic Rockets2013, March1640
2Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]Searches for Underwater Weapon2015, June1444
3Yuri F. Katorin[Россия], Igor V. Yurin[Россия]Peruvian Monitors of American Origin2013, September1317
4Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]Floating Bombs2016, June1300
5Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]Aircraft Carriers on the Rivers2015, March1295
6Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]Been Killed Not in Combat2016, March1238
7Emir Yener[Турция]Ottoman Seapower and Naval Technology during Catherine II’s Turkish Wars 1768-17922016, March1235
8Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]The Birth of a Torpedo2015, September1231
9Yuri F. Katorin[Россия]Exception to the Rule2015, December1226
10Zvonimir Freivogel[Германия]Coast Defence Ships of the «Monarch» Class2016, March1225

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